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The all-in-one mobile app to explore self care brands, giveaways, and discussion.

  • Discover New Brands

    Find new products or services and engage with brands

  • Simple Search

    Effortlessly navigate through multiple self care topics

  • Private Chat

    Talk to members, brand owners, and content creators 1-on-1

  • Win Prizes

    Enter giveaways to win free products or services from brands

  • Discussion Board

    Talk Q&A, routine tips, and recommendations

  • Deal Alerts

    Get notifications when your favorite brands drop deals













Enter for a chance to win gifts from brands, content creators, or sponsors absolutely FREE.

Create An Account

To enter giveaways you must first create an account and have app notifications turned on.

Engage With Brands

Navigate the feed to find active giveaways and follow the rules laid out by the sponsor.

Get Winner Alerts

Recieve phone notifications when the giveaway sponsor announce the winner at the end.

Join The Discussion

Enhance your body, improve your life, and increase your knowledge of self care practices through the SenseClub discussion boards.

Question & Answers

Get advice on your daily routines and product recommendations

Share Content

Start your self care blog or share content from industry pros

Genuine Engagement

Have authentic conversation and follow users on their self care journey.

Grow Your Following

SenseClub offers the perfect solution for both brands and content creators looking for new ways to expand their audience.

  • Get access to exclusive posts for vendors and content creators only to collaborate and share ideas.
  • Raise awareness for your brand by creating giveaways other users can participate in.
  • Display a gallery of photos for users to explore your latest products, services, and updates.
  • Link your Instagram and/or YouTube accounts for users to catch all your content.
  • Keep your followers in the look by pushing deal alerts to users via mobile notifications.

Coming to Android & iOS

Simple Design

Find exactly what you’re looking in seconds for without digging through dozens of pages and settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we have not launched yet, but you can sign up for early access by pre-registering here. You will get notified once we launch and already have a basic account set up.

We love uplifting companies and creatives who go above and beyond for their audience to create awesome content for their audiences. We occasionally reach out to brands when their posts catch our eye, but you can also submit a Spotlight Request Form.

We are in the self care business, not the data mining business. All personal information submitted to us will stay in-house and be used to develop and improve our app experience. We appreciate your feedback!

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